Experience as a photographer in a Flamenco agency

Donatas Ališauskas

It was my first experience of going and living abroad alone for more than a week. It was two months of different life. I went to south Spain, Seville, where the sun shines bright and people lives without any worry. I took a roll as media specialist and photographer in Flamenco agency. I have noticed that Spanish people are really proud of their traditional dance. Most of the main activities for tourists in Spain is Flamenco shows. I went to prestigious places to make pictures of the events – cruises, 5 – star hotels and ranches. It was the most exciting part of the job in the office. During normal working days without any shows I needed to do tasks with media and video. All of my colleagues were also interns from all over the world. Sometimes after the office hours we were spending time together. Everything was nice – people, city vibe, the heat. The only difficulty was my living situation. I came to the country at that moment when all Erasmus people has already started studying and renting their flats or rooms. From now on I know what it means to live in a hostel or sleep on a friends couch. But that was also the part of the whole experience. For the person who is planning to travel I would really recommend to arrange accommodation before coming and get verification that the place is truly reserved without any changes.

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