Erasmus + praktika Stambule IKON Menkul įmonėje

During my last year of BA studies at Vytautas Magnus University I knew that I want to continue my international experience. I was one of those lucky graduates who were selected to do their internships abroad.

I have been doing my internship for four months, I believe that this is a good amount of time to learn more and see the real work of a company. It was one of the most exciting time of my life. Istanbul is an amazing city with such a history, mix of culture, where every corner of the street has its own story.

The company was very welcoming. Since all documentation and most of the clients are from different countries in Europe,  China as well, everyone was able to speak fluent English. At first they gave me some time to understand what are they doing. Later step by step they started to give me more duties. One of the main duties were daily reports which were posted on their web page. Every morning I had to read the latest news about the situation in Europe, USA and East countries. This was completely connected to my Political Science field, since political news is so important for the market. Even if the company did not pay me the salary they gave me a „Set card“. Every worker has it. This is the card which company tops up every month and employees can eat their lunch for free and for me, as for a trainee it was a very nice way to save some money, since the company was located in a luxury place full of skyscrapers. The company was located at 24-25 floor. Every day I could enjoy the amazing view from our windows of famous Bosphotus Bridge, which connects Assia and Europe sides.

My co-workers were extremely friendly. Now I can briefly say that I have friends for all my life, they taught me a lot, showed me how they work with clients, how to open trading accounts and later let me do this by myself.

I‘m very thankful for this opportunity. It made me to realise that everything is possible, that I can do a lot. International experience is very important, especially for us, young graduates. Thank you very much again, for giving me this opportunity, or as turkish people say çok teşekkür ederim.


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