Jūrų aplinkosaugos praktika MER laboratorijoje Kipre

During my masters (Marine Environmental Engineering, Klaipeda University) I was dreaming about doing an international internship after graduation. I spent hours looking for an open position, but after searching for a long time without any luck I began to lose hope that I will ever find it. While at my university, one day I saw an advertisement about an internship in Cyprus. Everything about it seemed incredible and I couldn’t imagine anything better. Just a few days after I submitted my application I was ready to buy plane tickets. I was going to Cyprus for six months! I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little worried about my trip to Cyprus, but now that my time here has come to an end I can honestly say it was one of the best moment in my life.

My internship took place in Limassol, which is located in the south of Cyprus, and it was perfect! I lived there from September to March, and it was the first time I did not wear a coat during winter. Everything I found there was so incredible. The sea, the sun, and wonderful weather are things enjoyed every single day.

Working in MER Lab was a very good experience. I learnt a lot of new things and I was also able to use my previous knowledge. We were going on short trips to take samples of sea water and its sediments. I learnt a number of new different methods to analyze samples, such as granulometry, phosphorus, organic matter analysis, etc. Apart from working, I had a lot of memorable moments in this country. I traveled all around Cyprus, thus I had a chance to see many wonderful places and meet new people. I learnt a lot about the history of Cyprus, as well as about the culture of this wonderful island.

Finally, I want to conclude by saying that I feel very lucky I had a chance to live in Cyprus, and I am very happy that I took advantage of this opportunity. From this internship I gain knowledge, experience and some unforgettable moments. Memories from Cyprus always bring a smile to my face. It was a perfect time spent in a perfect place!

If you are still considering an international internship, stop wondering and just DO IT! You will be surprised when you realize how educationally enriching it is, and the amount of experience you can obtain out of an internship!

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