Erasmus internship experience in Naples

Andrius Markauskas

Taking a part in postgraduate internship abroad was one of the best decision in my life. I always admired Italy and especially the southern part of this country. This Erasmus+ program was the perfect opportunity to visit and live even four months there. After some analysis of possible internship placements, i found a vacancy in the student organization „Erasmusland“ in Metropolitan city of Naples in the southern Italy. I chose this placement without any doubts, because Naples is a very controversial city, so decided to find out by my self what’s is really like to live and work there. 
Being a part of the student organization „Erasmusland“ in Naples, was one the most extraordinary experience in my life. „Erasmusland“ is a student organization, which staff is considered of the international members and we were working with Erasmus students from all over the world who were coming to Naples. That was really big advantage because we had opportunity of the life time to meet so many people of different nations. Our basic activity were to welcome Erasmus students in our office to help them to integrate.  We were helping them with all the difficulties they had, we were organizing various types of events and trips. Our main goal was to help all Erasmus students to have the best experience they can have. Although we had some small difficulties regarding multicultural differences of way of managing the organization, but we adapted and solved all problems very quickly. All the experience I gained is just priceless. After this mobility I see a huge leap forward of improving my multicultural networking and awareness, or international communication and task coordination skills. Moreover I feel that my attitude now is wide as never before. All of that will be very useful in my future professional career. In my opinion doing a international mobility should be a mandatory for all the university students in the world.


Ignas Šimukauskas

I started my Erasmus+ internship in Naples, Italy 4 months ago. It was unforgettable experience even the decision to go there was made with difficulties. Naples is special city with chaos in the streets and love in local’s hearts. Ones who can stand the rhythm of the city for a week will fall in love with it!

I decided to try new field for me – events management. During the internship I had to coordinate and participate in events for Erasmus students. I had a great time with them, because I have met so many open minded and nice people during 4 months and many of them became my friends. Moreover, I m happy I was not afraid to try something new, because it took less time sitting in the office and way more time I have spent communicating in multicultural environment.

After the internship I know more about my self and I have better understanding about event management, also I develop my communication and English language skills.

I wish everyone who is thinking about ERASMUS+ to be not afraid and bare in mind that opportunity to shape career abroad could be once in a life time.


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