(English) Traineeship in theatre Komuna//Warszawa

First of all, my traineeship experience turned out to be completely different than i’ve imagined it to be. And even though I was a bit mad at first, after a while I’ve realised that i am not the centre of this universe, that now it is a real life, I am not a student anymore and this is not universtity, nobody is obliged to look after me and teach me unless i will ask for it myself, and i can say strongly that, at least in my case,  it was not enough just to come there with a status of a trainee and wait for somebody – be it my mentor or supervisor to give me something to do. So, after a while of adjustment I started apreciating the situation I am in and decided to make the most out of it. In my traineeship place I was an observer for a long time, I was waching contemporary theatre peaces performed there, selling tickets, helping out before and after performances. Since I had some leasure time  I was participating in various workshops in Warsaw, which led to presenting my own art work both in Warsaw and Jena (Germany), I was also introduced to Adam Mickiewicz Institute by my mentor were I was asisiting in communication with guests to various theatre festivals and this led to going to theatre festival ‘Divinie Comedy’ in Krakow were i’ve gained a very wide understanding about contemporary Polish theatre. After working on small tasks and observing theatre reallity both in my traineesip place and other places connected to it in Warsaw, I was offered an opportunity to participate as an actress in the new performance of Komuna//Wraszawa. This of course can be called the peak of the thraineeship as I was learning through the actual participation in creative process. All in all, the experience I’ve gained throughout those four months is hard to measure it had a huge impact bouth in life and profesional practice. I’ve learned to be more confident, more independent, i’ve learned to adjust to various circumstances, i’ve imroved both English and Polish language skills, I’ve participated in theatre project that was completely diffrent than my previous experiences, i’ve widen my aesthetical approach to the art of contemporary performance, i’ve made some  friends, etc. And most important I am comming back to Lithuania full of ideas that I hope to put into practice in the near future.

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