(English) Traineeship in independent bookstore/publisher, Czech Republic

After graduating from MA in Philosophy, Erasmus + traineeship offered an excellent opportunity of working not in academic environment, and possibility of finding traineeship position related to studies and personal interests.

My choise  was PageFive: a young bookstore and publisher specializing in sale and publishing of art books, periodicals, and original prints in Czech Republic. Probably the most exiting thing for me was getting to know the work of contemporary Czech graphic designers and illustrators and  learning about different book publishing practice focusing on illustration, zins, prints. Work environment was very pleasant- from explaining and helping with main tasks at the bookstore, such as sales, to letting me know about new exhibitions and events in Prague and inviting to go along.  This traineeship helped me with expanding my knowledge in book publishing, learning about strategic development of independent bookstore, and I also gained  experience in sales and communicating with clients. 

I also really loved Prague. I could say that city is very „Erasmus grant friendly“, and I was also surprised by the multiculturalism and amount of events, exhibitions, lectures in this city. The people are very relaxed and friendly, everybody reads and runs, and it looks like every person in Prague owns at least one dog. I didn’t expect this city to feel different from Vilnius, but it did,  and I am very glad I got to know it.



Šviežiausios naujienos