(English) Research Fellowship at the Netherlands Cancer Institute

The 6 months research practice at the Department of Radiology of the Netherlands Cancer Institute was very nice and I could highly recommend it. I chose this Fellowship after the graduating  my 6 years medical school in order to improve the research skills before I can apply for the PhD studies.  I had a good supervisor, clear research topics (melanoma and lung cancer response prediction to immunotherapy based on Radiomics features). I worked in the dedicated international research team. Also, I could participate in the clinician’s multidisciplinary meetings and see the medical procedures related to my research topic, which was interesting for me as a basic doctor. Also, I could attend different research meetings of other researchers as well as lectures and training courses.

The other important thing to mention about this Fellowship is a very positive, united, young and international working environment as well as good working facilities and comfortable working space.

I would recommend this Fellowship for the Basic doctors from Lithuania who know Dutch language (as the patient databases is in  Dutch) and for Radiologists who would like to improve their research skills. Also such Fellowhip might be very interesting for Master of Informatics students who have interest in Medical Imaging.


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