(English) Marketing Internship @ Dpoint Group in Barcelona

After the first traineeship I had in Portugal during my studies, I decided that I must use the opportunity to participate in Erasmus+ programme as a recent graduate. Finally, I got an offer to do my traineeship in the heart of Catalunya, Barcelona. I felt that this traineeship is the great chance not only to enhance my professional skills but also to improve my personal skills such as self confidence and ability to adapt quick in new cultural environment.


My internship was related with online marketing field. I was working in the company, called Dpoint Group, which is providing services such as online solutions, marketing and communication decisions. The company gave me a lot of important lessons and information how to use online marketing tools to provide services and products in the most effective way. Moreover, I also had an opportunity to participate in tasks related with social media management, event management which helped me to widen my knowledge as a professional. I have never felt alone during my stay in Barcelona and Dpoint Group team was always ready to help me when I had some hard and challenging tasks at work.


The Erasmus+ traineeship also gives a great chance to travel, explore country and its culture, meet new people from different parts of the world. During my stay in Barcelona, I met lot of kind and interesting people who became my friends. I had a great time spending my leisure time with them. Both social and professional experience I have gained during this traineeship are unforgettable.

I feel so happy that I used the opportunity to do my internship abroad. Despite the fact I have improved my professional skills, I also became more self-confident, sociable and this experience will help me to more easily overcome the challenges I will face while seeking my future career goals.

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