(English) Internship at the internet start-up „Divento.com“ in United Kingdom

Ever since I was little, I knew my dream work has to be related with travelling. I’m very happy that I had an opportunity to do my internship in the internet start-up “Divento.com” which main goal is to help people planning their vacation in the biggest Europe cities. The office is based in London, but the employees are from different countries of the world: Spain, UK, Italy, France, Romania, Lithuania, China, Germany, Russia and so on…

During my internship, the company I was working for was developing a new website and the apps, so a lot of work had to be done before showing these projects to the public. I used that situation to get different types of knowledge and new experience. I was tasked to editing Spanish texts and uploading them to the website. I learned how to use “Divento” workshop, create new products, edit and create visual material that would meet company’s standards.

Later on, I was offered to a managing position at Divento human resources. I was looking for potential interns or employees from different European countries. My responsibilities were to contact those people, do Skype interviews, introduce candidates to the staff and help them with documentation. It helped me to improve my personal relations skills, my English and grow a tolerance for different cultures. The most exciting thing was that I had a chance to meet a lot of new talented people every day!

All in all, after 4 months I learned more about myself and my professional skills. I found out that I’m the happiest while working with people, discussing, organizing, and planning our marketing and business expanding strategies. I believe that the knowledge of my own personality will lead me to my dream job, the one I could call a hobby better than a work.

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