My internship at Zening Resorts in Cyprus

Choosing an internship it seemed to me that Cyprus is an exotic destination for my international internship abroad. At the end of my internship I may say that it was much more than exotic. It was challenging in many ways. First, during my internship I have been working and helping in many different departments of the hotel (Marketing, HR, accounts, and even front desk of the reception). Switching from one department to the other helped me to get deeper understanding of all hospitality industry in general. Far more that was not the only thing which made me feel challenged. I have never been working in such a multinational team which I found at the place of my internship. People come to work at Zening Resorts from all over the world: India, Germany, Spain, France, Latvia, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, England… It is even hard to count all the different nationalities of my colleagues who were working with me and who I can call my friends after all the time we spend together. I became much more tolerant, flexible, and sensible. Hence, I understood the real meaning of the terms team-player or team building. I experienced it by doing, working, discussing things and finding compromises with the other employees and interns working at ZENING resorts.

Internship at Zening helped me find out what I am good at and where I have to improve myself. After gaining the  experience in Cyprus, I gained a better understanding about my future career direction. As a student of Communication I find it enjoyable to communicate with a people from different countries in a dynamic hospitality business. At the beginning of my internship I found it very hard to do multitasking, handle few different tasks at the same time and in the end of my internship I learned how to set right priorities and to meet deadlines at the right time. I am much more confident about my abilities to work in a fast changing environment.

Finally I was very glad to have a chance to work and to live in one of the most beautiful places of the whole Cyprus Island – next to the sea, in front of the old and charming port of Latchi that is close to national park of Akamas and Bath of Aphrodite. It’s a magic place where people come for quality holiday – to relax, to do yoga, meditate, enjoy fresh air and crystal clear sea water with wild beaches…  It was a pleasure for me to live and to work in a sustainable hospitality business and to learn new things on the go.

Thank you Erasmus+ and Partners4value for this invaluable experience!

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