A perfect internship in sunny Sardinia

Ciao! This is a greeting which I have heard for 3,5 months in sunny and warm Sardinia.

To tell everything from the beginning…

One friend rhetorically asked me: “What are you going to remember after graduating university except studies?” It was a stimulus to try something new. Hence, I found an initiative “Partners 4 Value” and this changed my mind. Penultimate year was the best moment to take this opportunity. If not now, so when? I would like to say big thank you for this program.

I was friendly accepted in Prossima Isola. They are not big company but their goals and opportunities fascinates me. It was fantastic experience to be a part of the team. First 2 months I was working in Porto Conte Ricerche in a wonderful place between mountains and sea. This company specializes in digital tourism, revenue management. Hence, before my internship Revenue management was absolutely new and unknown sphere for me. Now I can state having more knowledge in this area, furthermore, revenue management became my passion, I am really interested in it.

The first impression of Sardinia was very good. Everyone was smiling in the streets, the sun was always shining and you are forced to become more positive. I was totally impressed by the beautiful sea, warm people, natural beauty and mountains. During my internship, I travelled, met new people, but this is not enough, I would visit the coral coast again.

These months passed very quickly. I haven’t expected to get so much, but now I am very happy. This time gave me a lot: new contacts, new professional skills, broaden my mind, changed point of view, personality.

If you asked me is it worth doing this, I would definitely say yes. Moreover, I would accept to do this again, or would say 1000 reasons why you have to do this. I personally wish to everyone do not fear to try, everyone is going to be the best.

After this I understood that the worst you can do is not to try. I truly suggest for everyone to use opportunity and make an internship.

By Ieva Dirdaite/Intern at

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