(English) Administrative Internship at am Architecture Studio

In June 2015 I gained my Bachelor degree in Information Services (Vilnius University). During the last semester I decided to apply for Erasmus+ internship. I felt a strong need to work in the international environment somewhere in the South of Europe. And this is how I came to Palma de Mallorca, Spain (Thanks to a bunch of the opportunity!)

I was accepted to do an Administrative Internship at Miquel Lacomba Architects studio in for almost half a year. The studio is really small – it is one-person business. And the most incredible thing about the studio is that the rest part of team is consisted of trainees only (mostly in architecture field). I guess this is the main reason why this place is kind of chaotic, not so well organized and sometimes too exhausting. There is no need to expect something else when everything is held on one person’s shoulders only. However, I have to mention that architecture by itself is a bit chaotic process too. But it is possible to survive and to gain useful knowledge what it is necessary to be done differently in order to avoid this type of situation and ensure effective performance. Including clear awareness of appropriate leadership’s skills and habits. At least I got this understanding as an administration trainee. And this is most important thing I have learned.

In the office I was responsible for mail processing and communication with clients (answering calls and e-mails), monitoring the website and administration of architectural projects, preparing necessary documentation. Also I was helping for the team during one very important private competition, which we won. There was a requirement to explain whole concept in written, so I was helping to make The Book, as we named it.

This half of a year was useful not only to understand how architecture & construction process look like, but to get acquainted with Spanish law and bureaucracy. It was a great school for increasing self-awareness, learning how to deal with people, unexpected situations; how to work with a team for the same goal but from specific /different areas. The latest trends like multitasking, ability to transform problems into challenging projects through critical thinking, creativity and innovativeness was no exception in this office too.

To conclude, it was extraordinary, brilliant and unforgettable experience with all its advantages and disadvantages. It is all about our personal attitude!

I highly recommend you to use Erasmus+ opportunities to full fill your life with remarkable experiences!

Be smart – do not miss your chance.

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