Internship at the Embassy of Lithuania to the Kingdom of Belgium

As a recent graduate from Vilnius University, French philology studies, I took the opportunity to get some valuable professional experience abroad while working at the Embassy of Lithuania in Belgium.

During my internship I was preparing monthly reports about political, economic and cultural life in Belgium and Luxembourg as well as press releases about events at the Embassy. I was improving my analytical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills, practising French language, getting to know office procedures in the governmental authority.

Besides completing various administrative tasks and translations, I also was helping to maintain economic relationship between Belgium and Lithuania while contributing to the organisation of Lithuanian delegates’ business mission in Belgium.

Living and working in the heart of European Union, Brussels, helped me to acquire diplomacy skills, broaden my perspective in foreign affairs and learn about Belgian culture. I would recommend this internship since it challenges and deepens the knowledge in many different areas. 

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