Internship in Erasmo’s Room Company in Madrid

There are uncountable advantages of doing an internship in such a great country as Spain. Not only you have a great opportunity to learn one of the most popular language in the world, but you have also an amazing possibility to know real Spanish people lifestyle, customs, traditions and culture. Moreover you can feel like you are a true Spaniard since you have been involved in Spanish life rhythm.

My internship in Spain was full of new things, such as great work experience, international friends and acquaintances, Spanish language improvement, Spanish customs and traditions acquisition, and of course lots of fun, joy, happiness, endless exploration of Madrid and whole Spain, and even more good emotions received during all internship period.

Erasmo’s Room company thought me many necessary things for life and for my further career.  Company is working with rooms rent for international students and young workers. Thus, if you plan your  internship in Madrid – check it out! So, first of all, good and pleasant verbal communication skills were very appreciable, and of course speaking very good in English and Spanish was essential. That’s how I improved either English and Spanish languages skills and for sure gained experience in Spain marketing field (promoting, pricing, positioning and etc.) and communication with different people from different countries.

Second of all, the company advertises its’ apartments and rooms for rent in many web-pages which are for Erasmu’s students and for young people from all over the world who are looking for a room for share. In this case, I learned many interesting and very useful things about marketing elements such as advertising, pricing, positioning, promoting and communication with people who are interested in renting rooms.

This internship in Spain gave me way more confidence about myself than I had before I left Lithuania after graduation in Vytautas Magnus University. I am very thankful for my university to give me such a superb chance to do my internship abroad, because this internship in Spain opened my eyes how people are appreciated here and how satisfied they are about their work.

The best thing after the internship is that I am staying in Spain with all new possibilities to develop my career  in marketing section and continue living splendid lifestyle in the heart of Spain – Madrid.


Don’t be afraid to dream, my friend, because dreams are used to come true!


Un Saludo, Amigos!

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