Internship in Biotechnology and Agriculture Research Center in Czech Republic

My internship took place in Olomouc, old and historical town in eastern Czech Republic, in biotechnology and agriculture institute Centre of the Region Hana. I worked in plant biotechnology research group and was involved in ongoing projects analyzing plant hormones. I was given a lot of responsibilities and independence solving various problems and it made me feel like an equal part of the laboratory team – which, I think, is the best outcome every Erasmus program participant could wish for. It was very satisfying not only to closely watch how such successful laboratory effectively use the newest biotechnology methods but also to have an opportunity to learn those methods myself. I believe that these three months of intensive laboratory work and problem solving have improved my skills as a young scientist and increased my choices for further career opportunities.

The institute was also full of Czech and international Ph.D students from all around the world, which was a great opportunity not only to improve my English communication skills but also to experience interesting cultural differences.

Besides the busy laboratory life I also used my chances to explore Czech Republic, its capital, numbers of medieval castles, caves and mountains. So now I can recommend Czech Republic not only as great country with nice people and familiar culture but also as a country with amazing nature and live history.

For me the opportunity to participate in Erasmus+ practice after university graduation was the best way to test myself as a young scientist and an independent adult before making further career and life decisions.

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