My Journalism Internship in “Londonietė” Magazine

On the period from 16th of May to 16th of August I had an opportunity to do practice on Erasmus + program which one was related with journalistic. The exercitation was done in “Londoniete” agency which is located in very beautiful and charming London city. It is really small agency, but with friendly relationships in between the colleagues.  At first it was really weird that a company which takes foreign students don’t have an office, but later on I get used to that, because every meeting with my supervisor was done somewhere in the city, while admiring the beautiful architecture of London and drinking freshly made coffee. As I understood later, this was the biggest motivator for me, the ability to choose working place where I wanted it to be, whether it is in the park, bus stop, alley or simply at home admiring the rainy London weather.

In addition to that, it was marvelous.  It was not only that I had opportunity to feel like a real Journalist, but it allowed me to participate in various events related with press activity, press conference and visit places in London where tourists naturally don’t go.  I also had a chance to challenge myself in translating various articles, making basic marketing advertisements and communicating with various people from different society levels. All these activities were vital for me in order to fully understand what I want from life. I’m really grateful that in these days we have such a good exchange programs which allow students to touch different cultures, traditions and working habits. And I truly believe that all these skills which ones I improved within my Erasmus + practice will be necessary in my future career.

All in all, if you still wondering whether to go or not to this kind of international practice, well you should remember that you are student only once. It is not only a chance to get basic information about how things work in different countries, it is way more. By saying more I mean culture, food, traditions, architecture, fashion and many other things which you will face within the new country. It was unique time for me, and it will definitely remain forever in my memory.

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