My internship in the sales department of English language school

I did my internship in Malta, in sales department of English language school. In this department we were communicating with all the agencies around the world and helping them to sell our courses to students. Most valuable experience that I got was ability to learn working with people from different cultures. Everyday I was directly working with people from Japan, Russia, Germany, France, Jordan, Spain, Sweden, China and Malta, and in other departments we had people from all over the world working for the same goal. I had different tasks while doing my internship: collect data about agents, compare results of previous years, do competitor analysis, organize trips and other things. To be succesful in these tasks I had to learn to use data processing systems of the company (Konnect, CRM, Sharepoint). It was a great experience for me to expose myself into international environment.

P.S. In the picture you can see me with all the sales team having one of our regular international buffet type lunch.

Giedrė Mitkevičiūtė

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