Teaching Internship in Granada, Spain

I graduated from Vilnius University in 2016 where I studied Social policy. Since very early age I was passionated about foreign languages and traveling so before continuing my studies I have decided to do Erasmus + internship as an English teacher in Spain.
My internship in Granada , Spain was one of the best choices I have ever made. First of all because I had an amazing opportunity to learn one more foreign language! Secondly I challenge myself to become a teacher and thirdly I have met beautiful people and I have enjoyed different culture and sunny climate.
So I was working in the languages academy as an English teacher. I was teaching English different age students. My main responsibilities were to educate students in the basics of English grammar and conversational speaking, to recording and maintain accurate student attendance records and grades and to create a vibrant teaching atmosphere.
I was lucky to work with very interesting and lovely people all my coworkers were from the different parts of the world.
However, this unique experience has influenced me on a professional and personal level. After this journey I feel ready to continue my studies and start my professional career in Vilnius.

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