Internship experience in Sweden

Vygandas Masilionis

An internship abroad is one of the greatest experience I have ever had. I am more than happy that I had an opportunity to go to Sweden to gain more experience in the industry I just graduated.

This internship brought me some terrific moments and skills:

I was able to work in the company where I could meet different culture people and learn more about them. So this is one of the greatest things because networking is one of the main subjects in order to be successful.
I had an opportunity to see and be a part of a fast moving company which is expanding very fast so the workload was pretty huge, but our team was capable of meeting the deadlines for that. The best thing was the trips to construction areas, where I had a chance to see all design from the real perspective instead of only designs on the computer.
An opportunity to be in one of the greatest countries in the world is an invaluable experience because I could travel a lot of within-country where are a lot of sight-seeing places.
I had an opportunity to work with different projects by using different software, so my knowledge in a software has expanded. Right now I am more confident about my skills in the industry.
I want to recommend this internship program for everyone who is thinking about working experience abroad because it is the easiest way to feel what I felt.



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