IT Traineeship SIA Starlett in Riga

After graduating from MA in Informatics, Erasmus + traineeship was a possibility for me to travel and to gain new experience and knowledge in establishing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in a business sector that was totally new for me.

My first and last choice was SIA Starlett company in Riga, Latvia, that is operating offset printing field. During traineeship my responsibilities included implementing Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. I worked on implementing different ERP modules such as project, inventory, purchase, manufacturing modules. Tasks also included writing technical specification of the modules and doing programming tasks. Additionally, I helped with establishing new companies representative website.

This traineeship helped me to “grow” as an IT field professional, get deeper knowledge about offset printing sector and improve my team player skills. What is more, my traineeship was done in Riga, which has one of the most beautiful old towns that one can find, therefore working and getting to know Riga was quite an experience in my life that I would recommend for everyone.

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