Internship at Protein Interaction Laboratory at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

If you had asked me about an internship abroad half some months ago, I would have said: “No, I just can’t do it. I can’t just leave everything here.” Then I accidentally saw a post about a place for internship in Austria on my University’s homepage and it was a perfect combination for me – field, which I am interested in and it was in Austria – a country which I have never visited, but heard many beautiful stories about. To be honest, I had many doubts if I should do this, but I decided to take the challenge.

I did  my internship at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Protein Interaction laboratory. The main goal of the project I was working on is to find insulin mimetic compounds. Using TIRF microscopy, I tested plants extracts which might have a positive effect on GLUT4 translocation and hence potential anti-diabetic properties. Few promising extracts were identified and could now be used for more detailed characterization.

Now, I am absolutely sure this internship was very beneficial. Not only I gained an experience in my field of study, but also I was offered to join laboratory group as an employee, made friends, explored stunning natural wonders of Austria and met intelligent people, who could help me to make a decision about my Master’s degree studies.

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