Internship in Marketing in Malta

The Foundation for Innovation and Research – Malta (, is undergoing a start-up phase of moulding its branding, web-based, social media and other channel marketing tools and establishing a dissemination strategy and channels. Marketing is everywhere – from B2C (business-to-customer) to B2B (business-to-business) and from the fonts you use to the coffees you drink. It stands to reason, then, that marketing is a growing field, and marketing internships are a popular option.
With a marketing internship, you’ll get hands-on experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative market research, using marketing software, creating advertising campaigns and collateral, and analyzing data for products and services. Because marketing is a broad field, there are many career paths to explore. Following your internship, you can work in brand management, market research, sales, advertising, or public relations. Salaries vary widely across industries, but the median pay across different marketing occupations ranges from €25,000.
Ready to persuade and impress with a career in marketing? Search for marketing internships below:
Web-site Content Implementation & Strategy
Social-media Content Implementation and Strategy
Public Relations Content Implementation and Strategy
Project-based Content Implementation
Conference-based Content Implementation
– Enrolled in a Marketing degree or equivalent
– Creative in campaign management
– Possess innovative marketing ideas
– Technology Savy
Contact person:
Dr Inġ. Brian Azzopardi
Chair | The Foundation for Innovation and Research – Malta |

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