The Foundation for Innovation and Research – Malta (, is undergoing a start-up phase of moulding its management and administrative backbone and establishing the management strategy and channels. Management is a crucial function for any organisation, and managers across all departments are responsible for pulling people and projects together. Many common tasks include building corporate structures and policies, directing and coordinating team member activities, raising money to grow their organisations and making necessary changes to keep the organisation in a positive financial position. A manager is seen as the heart of an organisation – its health greatly depends on them.
Competition for management positions is fierce. The best opportunities are given to individuals who have proven themselves to be efficient and effective in their previous roles, and a management internship is the perfect way to gain the experience necessary to grow into these coveted positions.

With a management internship, you will get the opportunity to develop proficient interpersonal skills, gain leadership experience, expand your entrepreneurial thinking and familiarize yourself with a diverse business environment. We are looking to hire interns who are proactive, attentive to detail and have a strong work ethic. More specifically, an ideal candidate is someone who understands the importance of working as a team and has a passion for personal and professional growth. One of the greatest advantages of being a management intern is having the chance to explore many different streams within the

Ready to get your career started? Start with the below management internships:
– Project-based Content Implementation & Strategy
– Conference-based Content Implementation and Strategy
– Organisation Management Support, Implementation and Strategy

– Enrolled in a Management degree or equivalent
– Creative in team management
– Possess innovative managing ideas
– Technology savy

Contact person:
Dr Inġ. Brian Azzopardi
Chair | The Foundation for Innovation and Research – Malta |

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