The Foundation for Innovation and Research – Malta (, is undergoing a start-up phase of moulding its engineering research team. Engineers work in plants, construction sites, offices, labs, and hospitals. Depending on your specialisation, you might design vehicles, design the next electrical power applications, ensure access to clean water, test software systems, or plan roads. Engineering is a vast and varied discipline, so your day-to-day tasks will depend on your area of speciality. Most students study civil, mechanical, industrial, or electrical engineering, but regardless of your field, you will move from solving theoretical problems to developing practical solutions. We look for engineering interns with basic knowledge of engineering principles, computer programming, and problem solving.

With an engineering internship, you will use your STEM, communication, and critical-thinking skills to gain hands-on experience using relevant software, working on a team, and analysing data. One of the greatest advantages of being an engineering intern is having the chance to a wide range of systems and professional development sploit for choice, with engineers making a median annual salary starting from €25k in Malta per year.

Ready to get your career started? Start with the below engineering internships:
– Project-based Content Implementation & Strategy
– Conference-based Content Implementation and Strategy
– Electrical engineering based projects
– Civil and HVAC engineering based projects
– Mechanical engineering based projects
– Enrolled in an engineering degree or equivalent
– Self-directed personal level
– Creative problem solving
– Technology savy
– Programming skills
– Hands-on skills


Contact person:
Dr Inġ. Brian Azzopardi
Chair | The Foundation for Innovation and Research – Malta |

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