The Foundation for Innovation and Research – Malta (, is undergoing a start-up phase of moulding its IT systems and implementing technology projects. Technical fields such as computer scientists / IT experts is a crucial function for Computer scientists / IT experts / engineers tasks include shaping the web-domain and server applications, interfacing and preparations for bug data management for research and enable back-end algorithms on various interesting funded projects. Those with a computer science degree have a bright future, with many possible industries, careers, and specializations. Every day, you’ll solve complex problems and design, develop, and apply software and hardware. With a computer science degree and internship experience, you could be a software developer or architect, mobile app developer, technical support engineer, data scientist, web developer, or something else entirely.
With a computer science internship, you will be wired for career success. Computer science interns complement their coursework with real-world experience, gaining exposure to software coding and development and becoming familiar with the business world. To land a computer science internship, you should have a strong foundation in mathematics, be familiar with basic programming languages (such as Java, SQL, C++, and Python), and understand system software concepts. One of the greatest advantages of being a computer scientist intern is having the chance to a lucrative career choice, with software developers making a median annual salary starting from €30k in Malta per year.
Ready to get your career started? Start with the below computer science internships:
– Project-based Content Implementation & Strategy
– Conference-based Content Implementation and Strategy
– Organisation Management Support, Implementation and Strategy

– Enrolled in a Computer Sciences / IT degree or equivalent
– Self-directed personal level
– Creative problem solving
– Technology savy
– Java programming (in case of front-end applications)
– Phython/C++ programming (in case of back-end applications)

Contact person:
Dr Inġ. Brian Azzopardi
Chair | The Foundation for Innovation and Research – Malta |

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