Architecture Internship in the Netherlands

I have spent 4 months in the Netherlands where I have had one of greatest life experience while making internship in architecture studio.

I ‘ve been planning to go for internship after graduation for a long time. But after the tough last year of architecture bachelor there was no doubt that I need a break. So practical experience in international office sounded like a great plan. For my destination I have selected – The Netherlands – the country of rich architecture and well developed cities. It was my first time visiting this country and I could assume it was very successful. After spending 4 months  there I was filled with motivation to seek for similar experience abroad.

I have been making my internship in small architecture studio called “70F”. This office is small studio which mainly focuses on interior design, residential buildings and other smaller scale objects. Despite the fact it only gathers 3 permanent employees I’ve got lots of chances to improve my skills and expand knowledge. During my stay I was able to contribute to various projects in different phases of development. Tasks ranged from concept development till completing technical drawing for execution. The working environment was very helpful and friendly, so I was able to feel equal in the team even though I had almost no practical experience. It was pleasure to experience that not only I gave my time and efforts to projects but as well as office team helped me to get best time here.

But not only interesting time in office contributed to positive internship experience. It was amazing to be able to find new country from local point of view, to explore great cities and familiarize with undiscovered culture. Unfortunately I had spent there only 4 months which I don’t feel was enough for full integration into local life. Nevertheless I am very glad I used this opportunity and hopefully I will come back soon. I would strongly recommend to grab this chance and challenge yourself in new professional environment. It will give you more than you could expect!

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