Educational psychology internship in Italy

My Traineeship was focused on getting experience in an inclusive school, working with the students who have learning disabilities and disorders. Traineeship took place in two organizations in city of Como: Istituto San Carpoforo (school of Saint Carpoforo) and “Il Grillo parlante” (Psychological educational service). The main activities in these organizations were as following.

At bilingual (Italian-English) school of Saint Carpoforo:

-Teaching English to a primary school student with learning disorders

-Learning to use the ‘Method of Analog’ to teach students with learning disorders

-Observing the teaching methods when used in work with secondary school student with Down Syndrome

At diagnostic center ‘ll Grillo parlante’

-Practise of cognitive evaluation of primary and secondary school students

-Participation in ‘Group treatment on memory’ and ‘Methods of study’ with primary school students


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