Participation Process


Partners 4 Value expands “real-life” training opportunities for high performing talents from Lithuania by bringing closer business, international organisations and universities for creating a win-win situation!

Students/Recent Graduates enrolled in/graduated from Lithuanian universities (Vilnius University, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas University of Technology and Klaipeda University) have a possibility to benefit from the Partners 4 Value.

How does it work?

Advertising: Traineeship Notices provided by International Partners (Host Organisations) are advertised among partnering universities,  on the Partners 4 Value website and throughout other relevant communication channels;

Consultation: interested applicants are provided with career counselling services by dedicated career professionals assisting them to opt for traineeships corresponding their profile, study objectives, early career goals and best meeting the requirements indicated by host organisations;

Pre-selection/Final Selection: applicants undergo two stages pre-selection process:

1) done by the Sending University to ensure that traineeship meets academic requirements and study objectives;

2) motivational or competence based interview is carried in line with the Traineeship Terms of Reference (ToR). Two or three best candidacies for each traineeship are submitted to a Host Organisation for their final decision;

Preparation: special pre-departure orientation might be offered to each student/graduate to address both practical issues including cultural awareness and specifics of an international traineeship in the country of their destination;

Traineeship Grant: interns will be provided with the Erasmus+ traineeship grant that covers travel, accommodation and insurance costs. No financial contribution from a Host Organisation is expected, but is always welcome and serves as a strong motivator for candidates;

Travel/Accommodation: travel arrangements and accommodation are managed by interns but friendly/insider’s advice from Host Organisations is welcome; Partners 4 Value will be also providing students/graduates with useful links to be consulted;

Evaluation: intern’s performance will be assessed by direct supervisor at Host Organisation and an assigned academic supervisor (in case of students traineeships) at the end of the traineeship period;

Traineeships Manager: an assigned professional will work with you from the start to the end of the process to propose you individualised solutions.

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