About the Process for Organisations/Enterprises


How does it work?

Advertising: Traineeship notices submitted by International Partners (Host Organisations) are advertised among partnering universities and on the Partners 4 Value webpage;

Consultation: Interested applicants are informed (Career/Promotional Events) and provided with career counselling services by dedicated career professionals assisting them to opt for traineeships as per their profile, study objectives and early career goals and best meeting requirements of host companies;

Pre-selection/Final selection: Applicants undergo two stages pre-selection:

1) done by the sending university to ensure that proposed traineeship meets academic requirements and study objectives;

2) motivational or competency based interview is carried by the Coordinators of the Partners 4 Value Consortium in line with the Traineeship Terms of Reference (ToR). The profile documents of two or three pre-selected candidates are submitted to a Host Organisation for their final decision;

Preparation: Pre-departure orientation meetings will be organised for students/recent graduates to address both practical issues and specifics of working environment including cultural aspects in the country of their destination;

Traineeship Grant: Interns will be provided with the traineeship grant that covers travel, accommodation and insurance costs while no financial contribution from Host Organisation is expected (Additional support is always welcome and serves as a strong motivator for potential candidates);

Travel/Accommodation: Travel arrangement and accommodation are managed by interns individually but friendly/insider’s advice from Host Organisation is welcome; Partners 4 Value also provide interns with useful information and links to be consulted.

Evaluation: intern’s performance will be assessed by direct supervisor at host organisation and an assigned academic supervisor at the end of the internship period;

Individual Relations Management: The assigned professional will work with you from the outset to the end of the process to propose you individualised solutions.

What is the profile of Candidates?

The scheme is designed for University students of undergraduate and graduate levels (last year students of their Bachelor and Master studies or PhD students). Recent graduates also participate in the traineeship schemes.

We focus on a wide range of study areas covering Social Sciences and Humanities (e.g. Marketing, Finance, Management, Economics, Law, Political Science, International Relations, Public Administration), Technologies and Life Sciences. Please let us know about your Organisation’s traineeship needs.

Cooperation Modalities 

1. Formalised by signing a Cooperation Agreement;

2. Informal cooperation whereas the focal point from a Company/Organisation informs us about available internship places and qualifications required for interns submitting Internship Notice.

How do we start cooperation?

By contacting Coordinators directly to discuss your in-service internship needs and mutually beneficial cooperation modalities or directly submitting a Traineeship Notice on the webpage.

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