Elektronikos inžinerijos praktika Miunchene, firmoje EnOcean

During my studies I didn’t participate in Erasmus program, thus doing Erasmus+ internship after graduation seemed like a very good idea. I graduated from Kaunas University of Technology – Master’s degree in electronics engineering. Next month after graduation I started my internship in Munich, EnOcean GmbH. I was very lucky to get this opportunity, because this company is working in the same field as I did during my Master’s studies. The internship started in June 2015. For me 2015 already started as a good year, but what I experienced during my 6 month internship made this year totally amazing.

First day I arrived, I was introduced to the company and staff members. First impressions about the company were very positive – friendly people. Shortly I was introduced to my tasks – research and development of a new product which sounded like a big challenge for me. During my internship I gained a lot of different experience. I worked with analog circuit design and simulations, PCB design and assembly, microcontroller programming and more… I was never stuck doing the same thing for a long time. Variety of tasks made this internship exciting and challenging. Work conditions were also a big advantage. I was able to use all the equipment I needed for my research and development process.

I really liked the atmosphere in EnOcean and friendly colleagues. I was always able to get relevant information, advice and knowledge from staff members. After lunch breaks we played table football which was always a great fun and time to fresh up your mind.

But what really made this time in Munich special is the Bavarian environment and Alps. Summer and autumn in 2015 was very hot and there was plenty of time to enjoy outdoor activities during weekends. Being a man from flatland country I was really amazed by the sceneries of Alpine Region. During my internship I managed to visit Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. Time spent swimming in Alpine lakes, hiking on mountain trails and driving through mountain passes will stay with me forever.

The Munich itself is also a great place to live even though it is quite expensive. Impressive architecture, busy nightlife, huge variety of museums and places to visit makes this attractive. There are a lot of things to do here. I also liked the fact that you can go anywhere with bicycle, because almost everywhere you find bicycle lanes or dedicated roads.

All in all the time spent here surpassed any of my expectations. Not only that I had a time of my life, but I improved my professional skills as an engineer and gained real life experience. And the best bit – I am staying in this company as a full time employee.

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