Diplomatic Internship in Spain

It was thanks to Partners 4 Value I was able to take up the traineeship at the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Madrid, therefore, I am really grateful for this chance. These four months I spent in Madrid were crucial to me in various aspects, not to mention I feel enriched in many ways.

Firstly, I got to see what it is like to work at the embassy, how work is organized on a daily basis and what the main tasks are. Secondly, I learned what my real strengths and weaknesses are, because of this I can see more clearly what kind of career I would like to pursue. Thirdly, I learned substantially about political and social life in Spain.

Last but not least, the overall atmosphere at the Embassy was extremely friendly and easygoing. I became part of the team instantaneously. If one has the opportunity to do a traineeship at the Embassy in Madrid, he or she should definitely grab it.

By Julija Vaitonytė, VU graduate

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