Daughter, co-councellor and trainee – this is who I was in Living Waters Finland

In Klaipėda university I’m studying spiritual councelling and assistance. Thanks to my great lecturer Vaineta Juškienė, I got the opportunity to go to Finland for the internship.

I came for the internship in Living Waters Finland in the end of June 2015. The journey with new finish friends lasted for more than two months.

The leaders of the movement – Andy and Sirkku Chambers – accepted me like their daughter. It was a pleasure and big blessing to stay in their family and to see how does „living waters“ people deal with their closest and beloved ones.

Thank you, Chambers family, for great love and great friendship. I was blessed to stay in your shelter.

First event that I took part was the healing week in Kiponiemi. It was amazing to be with all the people there. You could feel the love in the ear. I remember crying during the wonderful worship (thanks to the worship team!).

After that a „normal“ internship began. With Sirkku we read 2 chapter of Song of Solomon. We spent near 30 hours with these beautiful words of love from God. Almost each verse had special meaning, almost all symbols seemed to be worth of deep googling, imagining and praying.

Suddenly we felt like lilies, or in Spirit we could see a wonderful apple tree between the forest trees and refresh our sols with delicious fruits. God speak about himself as young hart, our sins appeared to be like small foxes trying to ruin the beautiful vineyard given to us by God.

Every week I was invited to read two chapters of Living Waters handbook „Journey of grace“. I was growing as a person when reading this material. This is very important for every councellor – first meet my own stuggles and deal with them and only then try to help others.

Almost every week I was waching how Andy was councelling people. For one lady I was co-councellor and had an oportunity to lead the conversation. For me it was something special. I discovered that my skills and knowledge can be helpful for other person. I felt empowered. That was fantastic!

I say thank you for all the Living Waters people that I had a pleasure to meet during this two months period. I appreciate the opportunity to see, how the seminar „Seeing God“ was organized and take part in the work. I enjoyed making the short video, where I told my short testimony about the healing journey that I went through in past few years.

It was a pleasure to meet people from other organisations who work with spiritual counselling and counsellors. I met some volunteers and counselors from „Elijah house“, some future pastoral counselors who were participating in the prayer and study week in Kajanni.

Furthermore big gift for me was a personal councellor. Meeting with here was a part of internship. Around 14 hours we were talking and dealing with my inner challenges.

Finally I have to say that these two months in Finland were the best time of my life. I would love to repeat it! For all who are thinking weather to go for the internship or not I’d say – go!

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