Consulting & Investments, Argus Fiduciaire SA, ARGUS Group

On: Sep 8, 2014 @ 5:50 AM

  • Name of Organization: Consulting & Investments, Agus Fiduciaire SA, ARGUS Group
  • Country: Switzerland
  • email:
  • Name: Gitanas
  • Surname: Kancerevycius
  • Position: Vice Director
  • Full Address:: Via Luganetto 4, PO Box 433, CH-6962 Lugano-Viganello, Switzerland
  • Phone: +41 91 9735880
  • Web page::
  • Short profile: Company was established in 2003. In April 2008 the registered office was transferred from Geneva to Lugano.Right from the very beginning Agus has enjoyed a steady growth thanks to the great variety of investment advisory services we offer. These are all characterized by first-class counselling carried out with the perfect combination of the utmost discretion and deepest commitment. We endeavour to establish trustworthy relationships with our clients by calling on our indispensable principles of transparency, impartiality and confidentiality.Over the years our company’s activities have archived not only a noteworthy increase, enhanced by a wide spread of diversified investments, but also complementary services including global corporate counselling.Our foremost objective is to offer our clients ad hoc services, paying extra-careful attention to the principles of total privacy. It goes without saying that Agus treasures its reputation as a company which operates in full observance of the standards of quality and Swiss laws to which it is subjected. We are a member of the USF, the Swiss Fiduciary Union (Union Suisse des Fiduciaires).
  • Number of students for internship in 2015: 1
  • Preferred starting date: November, 2015
  • Duties, responsibilities and tasks of intern/-s: Praktikantas atliks išsamią konkurencinę rinkos analizę paslaugų ir kainodaros aspektu.
  • Minimum study level: Last year of Bachelor degree / Master studies
  • Study Areas/Specialization:: Teisė, finansai, marketingas, vadyba
  • Desired Qualifications and Skills (Desired profile): Komunikabilumas, atsakingumas. Gera anglų kalba yra privaloma; kitų kalbų (rusų, vokiečių, prancūzų arba italų) žinios – reikšmingas privalumas.
  • Duration of the Internship:: 3-4 months
  • Working Language of Receiving Organisation:: English
  • The number of pre-selected candidate CVs: 2-3
  • Required documents: Motivation letter
  • Is there any additional (financial, logistical, other) support provided to intern by Receiving Organisation): Įmonė gali padėti susirasti gyvenamąjį būstą (kambario nuoma su visais komunaliniais mokesčiais ir daliniu maitinimu (t.y. kartu su šeimininkais + pagal savo norus jau savomis lėšomis) – 1100 CHF / mėn.)
  • Comments: The company is owned by Lithuanian Honorary Consul in Switzerland Mr. Bertašius.

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