Community Editorial Outreach Intern_Transitions online_Prague

Area of Internship: Community outreach and marketing support

Location: Can be carried-out remotely

Schedule: Flexible

Deadline for application: 25 March 2016

Transitions Online ( is an Internet magazine that covers political, social, cultural, and economic issues in the former communist countries of Europe and Central Asia.

We’re currently looking for an intern to fill the new community editorial outreach position.

Transitions will be launching an innovative crowd-funding platform,, which is designed to change the way journalism is funded in the developing world and countries in transition. The site will encourage people around the world who care about supporting quality journalism and freedom of the press to support some of the bravest reporters. There will be a selection of articles, multimedia stories, and investigations. Even though the platform will only be launched in May 2016, we require intensive promotion and community outreach developments to begin now.

In mid-December, this project was featured in the Guardian. We hope to continue spreading the word about our project and become more recognized on a global scale.

As an intern you will have the opportunity to be part of an innovative project that supports brave journalists who wish to publish stories freely on Press Start.

Join our international team of experienced journalists, social media experts, and free press advocates to help promote and improve the project. Also, gain a unique experience and set of skills in areas such as crowd funding and social entrepreneurship.

As an intern at TOL, you will have the amazing opportunity of living in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

Lastly, please note that this internship does not require you to work in our office but we ask for a minimum of 2 hours, 5 times a week, for at least 3 months (Monday till Friday).


  • Assisting in the creation of profiles for featured journalists;
  • Community-building and content management support;
  • Copywriting;
  • Liaising with potential partners;
  • Editing contributions by non-native journalists; and
  • Assisting in the execution of marketing campaigns (both via personal contacts and creating/distributing promotional material), including through social media;

Interns must have two of the following:

  • Strong communication skills, commitment, and most importantly, self-motivation.
  • Journalism experience (can include journalism studies or work on the school newspaper)
  • Native English skills


  • Negotiable, but we ask for a minimum of 10 hours per week.
  • Conditions:
  • This internship is unpaid. All costs related to travel, accommodation, health insurance and living expenses are the responsibility of either the interns or their sponsoring institutions.
  • The interns are responsible for obtaining and financing the necessary visas.
  • An internship does not constitute a commitment to future employment with Transitions. However, the interns can use their supervisors and colleagues as references when applying for jobs.

How to apply:

  • Please send your CV and brief motivation letter (no longer than one page) outlining why you are interested in joining our team to
  • Include in the subject line the vacancy title as above.

Internships leaflet:

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