Biochemijos praktika Lundo universitete Švedijoje

I am a fourth year biochemistry program bachelor degree student from Vytautas Magnus University and I am expected to graduate in June 2017 with a bachelor degree in Biochemistry field.

Before this internship, I have been studying in Bandung Institute of Technology University for almost one year and during that time I gained quite a lot of experience in the classroom and in the laboratory during my researches and experiments.

2016-2017 I got opportunity to chalenge myself and started my studies. Later on, I was fortunate enough to start my internship in Lund University. During my time in Lund University, in which I was studying for a half year and later on I was working for three months, I gained quite a lot of knowledge and new experience. While I was working in Lund University with one of the research groups in genetic field I explore myself as same as new techniques and applications in the lab. This working experience in the laboratory was new to me, but at the same time interesting and satisfying. Furthermore, I learned a lot but most importantly I learned how to communicate and collaborate with the academic community members and represent myself, although the most exciting part was my research, which was interesting and unique to me. I am happy to say that my research results surprised me and satisfied my curiosity, and also encouraged me to go further exploring my possibilities in science field.

I am really grateful to this day for the given opportunity and new experiences in my life. Until now my main goal is to become a great professional in Biochemistry field and at the same time explore myself in Genetics field.

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