Living street theatre experience in France

This summer of 2015, we – seven university friends – young actors, went to France for a theatre internship.

We stayed in Vougneray, the region of Leon. Our mentor Mr. Bob Dantonel was really excited to teach us French street theatre traditions and secrets. Thus, he aim of  our internship was to create a street performance, which people could understand internationally –  singing, acting, dancing, playing some rhythms!! Of course, staying in France we wanted to learn something in French to surprise for local people. That‘s why we learned some French songs, created the music for  with the instruments we had from Lithuania. Our street performance was a real success!! People were amazed that we could dance, sing, act and also play instruments at the same time. In Vougneray theatre we learned how to make a contact with French audience: what kind of art things, jokes and street performances they are interested most. We had enough time to meet different artists from France, to network and plan joint performances with them for the future.

We also had an opportunity to participate in the famous Avignon theatre festival and showed our performance there.  It was incredible experience!


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