Architectural experience in Oslo

Salomėja Lubytė

At the end of bachelor studies, I‘ve started to develop some thoughts about experience architecture in different scale. Erasmus+ traineeship was the way, which led me to expand my personal and professional boundaries.
I was lucky to get a vacancy at SET arkitekter office in Olso and a huge motivation to learn more there! The office was small, but the size doesn’t speak about quality! I had nice experience in some ways: by discussions I found out so many things I didn’t know and wouldn’t thought about; projecting – I improved my skills and gained some new ones; sharing exchanges – thousand cups of coffee and discussions about never ending different kind of music at the office.
During internship, I had a chance to be a part of ongoing different scale projects, which follow sustainability principles – something I haven’t done before.
I am thankful to professional who I have worked with – style, ways of designing processes and developing ideas, point of view to different problem solutions and shared thoughts inspired me to improve my skills, I started to want to explore more and to learn more.
Oslo is a city with a very good vibe. It’s perfect for fresh architects to explore. The face of the city is changing very fast and it causes many discussions and attracts many architects from abroad. I think experience like this is necessary to take with no expectations in advance. Things going to be great if only you let that happen!

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