Analyst Intership at Bloom Consulting in Madrid

After graduation of International Economics and Trade studies at Kaunas University of Technology, I have decided that I need professional skills and that’s how I began my “career” journey in Madrid.

I have been doing my internship for almost four months at Bloom Consulting company. Bloom Consulting is one of the leading strategy consulting companies in destination branding, which focuses on country, nation, city and region branding.

My position in the company was an Analyst. During the internship I have been focusing on specific projects and tasks related with particular countries: I have experienced real-life projects, which I followed from start to finish. Also my responsibilities involved gathering, collecting, analyzing, and reporting different types of data, conducting research, which included elaborating surveys, performing phone interviews, reviewing publications sources and information.

Bloom Consulting offered me a great environment to learn new business skills – I have got a valuable experience in the consulting and branding industry. I was able to improve my analytical and problem solving and project management skills thus greatly improving my employability. Moreover this internship gave me a new prospective on organization and planning. The other trainees were friendly and the atmosphere at the company was wonderful and I am now much better-equipped for my professional career.

Besides that I really enjoyed the life in Madrid, the beauty of Spain, and I am sure, it was not my last time over there!

Thank you for this opportunity, Partners 4 Value!

Goda Bitinaitė, KTU EVF Graduate

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