Absolvento praktika žmogiškųjų išteklių srityje Estijoje

My internship experience at the Executive Lab in Tallinn has been fulfilling and I would recommend everyone to take the international internship opportunity prior to searching for a job. The methods I’ve learned during my studies in Vilnius University (Psychology study programme) have gone hand in hand with things I have been learning during the internship working in the capacity of  an HR Assistant and Project Manager, which has helped me apply my knowledge in both areas. The work experience I gained will be well reflected in my updated resume.

Some internships as mine are treated as a long interview which is a great way to show the employer your skills instead of just telling them in a typical an hour long interview. It gives those of us who aren’t good at being interviewed a chance to demonstrate our abilities and competencies in a longer run. It is also an excellent way to start networking. I successfully broadened my network and therefore I have few job proposals and continue working at the same institution.

I personally suggest everybody to take part in Erasmus+ programme as long as it goes side by side with one’s personal interests and therefore will be valuable without doubt!

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