Absolvento praktika LR ambasadoje Ispanijos Karalystėje

Place. For more than 2 years I had a dream to make an internship at Lithuanian embassy in Spain (as I graduated with a degree from Political science and was considering about my future steps towards diplomacy). At the same time I was really eager to practice and learn Spanish language, meet new people and explore the country.

Working hours. As anybody else at the embassy: every day from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm (except one hour less on Fridays).

Tasks. Most of the time press monitoring and translating articles (to Lithuanian or English from Spanish language) related with Spanish politics and economy. At the same time preparing weekly summary to our Ministry of Foreign affairs. I was able to attend important conferences and meetings that afterwards I had to describe briefly and share the content with the Ministry. Few times my mentor took me to the briefings in the Spain’s ministries. Also, I had to help organize Christmas event for Lithuanian community living in Madrid and help to represent Lithuania at international cultural Christmas ferry for a week.

Pros & Cons. As I graduated from politics, every day I was doing what I studied: reading and analyzing current Spanish politics, at the same time practicing Spanish language and attending some conferences, meetings and events. However, this job takes 9 hours a day and you have to sit whole time in front of computer (mostly in one place). So, you start missing eye-to-eye contact with people, communication or just some action (as I did).

At the end, with all good experience I gained and knowledge I acquired… I realized that bureaucracy is not the place I really want directly to turn to, so this internship helped me to clarify my future steps.

City. Madrid is a fascinating place! During my more than 4 months of stay – mostly were sunny and warm. So many people, so many activities, so many cultural things happening every day. Vibrant city with positive and really really friendly people!

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