Absolvento praktika atsakingos prekybos srityje Ispanijoje

Hola, buenos días de España! It just passed 4 enjoyable months in the amazing capital of Spain. After I got my bachelor degree in environmental engineering field, I could not miss a chance to spend memorable time in a non-profit and apolitical company called Madera Just a (Eng. Fair Timber) that aims to promote and develop Fair Trade, Responsible Consumption and the preservation of the environment.

The enterprise mainly works with the fair trade certification system specifically for the forest industry. Madera Justa creates social and economic development opportunities, so that small timber growers, who have economic difficulties or are in disadvantaged situations, can improve their access to the market and get a fair price for their products.

Also, company is known as a founder and participant in various worldwide social projects (creating of women´ workplaces at Honduras, actions against forced and child labor, supporting education for the children in third countries).

During my practice period mainly I helped to develop Fair Timber Certification System. Also I was responsible for developing a database with information about timber companies to contact with them and to promote Fair Timber. I got deep knowledge of timber industry in Spain, Certification systems (verifiers and audits), projects implementation and justification.

From this internship I received only positive points. I improved my English and Spanish skills, a sense of responsibility, punctuality, technical skills. And small failures only made me stronger!

P.S. after this internship I can also break old myths about long 3 hours lunch break (here called ¨siesta¨) and lazy Spanish people always saying ¨manaña¨ (eng. tomorrow). They love responsible and punctual people and lunch time normally takes one hour.

I wish for everyone don´t miss this opportunity to work in other country and get the best experiences!

Warm and sunny regards,

Indre R., VGTU graduate

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