Internship in Barcelona

Kamalakannan Balakrishnan
Company : DPoint Group Barcelona.
Role : Marketing and Business Development trainee.
Duration : 4 months (120 days) : 10/07/2018 – 09/11/2018 (till 19/11/2018 but 10 days for additional documentation process and all)
Tasks given : Logistics & Transportation Management, Clients handling (Business development), Analyzing solutions for the existing problems and Digital marketing.

The Erasmus traineeship at Dpoint group Barcelona was really amazing and I never had a such an experience before this. It was so glad to take the lectures for developing the business skills and marketing strategies. The tasks assigned are challengeable and I been provided with training. Dpoint group taught me so many things like how to interact with the customers and how to do marketing’s in social medias platform. In transportation and logistics maintenance, it was a new platform to learn by using new methods and software’s. Also I had some on-sight visits with my colleagues for taking feedback from the public peoples about some products. I met so many peoples from different countries and that was really a nice conversation to analyse the solution for the existing problems. The business planning strategies and all I learned a little bit which will be helpful in future. Dpoint helped me to develop the communication skills of foreign languages bit more and it helped me to play team leader role with different country teammates. I loved it totally.

Tips for perspective trainees: Dear colleagues please do not miss this opportunity to get a business knowledge.

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