Art Management internship in the Glass Technology museum

I did my art management internship in the “Glass Technology Museum” in Spain. The Technological Glass Museums territory is located in the ancient La Granja Royal Glass factory, one of the most representative industrial European buildings of the XVIII century. The museum had the permanent technological glass collection, contemporary glass art collection, three exhibition halls for temporary exhibitions and live show glass studio. Museum basically works as the glass art research center with the purpose to combine the history with today’s needs.
I was working as museum’s director assistant and had the great opportunity to work with person who has a long experience in the museums management. From the first day I was highly involved in the museum’s activities: coordination and installation of exhibitions, communication implementation and assistance in the international project preparation, generation of museum’s visual communication.
During this internship I get chance to deepen the knowledge of the art management and get experience working in the foreign country with different working traditions. It led me to explore my abilities to interact in an unusual environment and find solutions for myself to go further. Basically internship is the best way to meet yourself when you are going out of your comfort zone and taking experience of building collaboration from the starting point. After this I started to manage art projects in collaboration with different countries.

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